The RoseGold Grand Inc.

The RoseGold Grand Inc. is launching a multi-funtional,
unique space for events of all sizes, gallery and cheesecakery with a full service craft centre for all DIY-ers! - OPENING 2019
Offering decor products and rentals for any type of events! Email us today for all your rental needs!
The RoseGold Grand Inc. is all about providing the best and most unique products and services for your event. We strive to include brilliance and delectable flair without breaking the bank! We will make your event spectacular for less!

Our President started out working at a special events venue while in University obtaining her Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts. While working there, she watched and helped set up for over a hundred events and saw endless options for decor and set ups. She fell in LOVE! She completed her degree as well as a handful of other diplomas and certificates in Wedding Planning, Interior Decorating, AutoCAD and Psychology.

But she couldn't get events off her mind! She started helping people plan, coordinate and decorate their beautiful weddings on her own as well as over 36 Art Exhibitions and has never stopped! She has been in the media over 22 times for events she has coordinated. Now she is living her dream, opening up a rental business of all the decor, incredible ideas and experience she has accumulated over the years. 

She is partnering with Originals Art Shoppe in 2019 to launch an incredible new Special Events Venue, Gallery and Cheesecakery! Think 2019 is far away? Don't worry, we will remind you!
Our Advisory Committee is a body that provides strategic advice to the management of our Corporation. They help give us greater flexibility in structure and a well-rounded understanding and scope of our services, pricing, and procedures. Our Advisory Committee has a wealth of knowledge and expertise, and with their innovative advice and dynamic perspectives, help us provide the best possible products and experience for our clients and their guests.

Customer Service and Management



Our Advisory Committee has a background in Customer Service spanning a combined total of a whopping 220 years with over 35 of those years being in managerial roles! Our Advisory Committee is focused on ensuring every aspect of our Corporation is Customer Service orientated.
Our Advisory Committee is made up of 8 women and 4 men, ranging from 26 to 60 years of age. As well, 75% of our Advisory Committee members are parents of children ranging from 1.5 to 28 years of age.
Our Advisory Committee loves to party! The have aided in planning and coordinating over 270 special events as a combined total ranging from baptisms, birthday parties, stag and does, anniversary parties, showers and weddings! Our vast experience ensures that we have taken care of all the details to make your event unique and perfect!

Food Industry


Building Experience

Our Advisory Committee has experience in multi facets of the food industry. Their combined total exceeds 80 years included but not limited to; grocery stores, bakeries, catering, restaurants, bartending and special events venues.
Our Advisory Committee includes 5 entrepreneurs with a combined business operating length of about 35 years. Their businesses range from Visual Art Sales, Retail Store locations to Construction Services.
Our Advisory Committee has a vast knowledge and experience base in building, design and construction including but not limited to; AutoCAD and Solid Works Drafting, Interior Decorating, Masonry, Carpentry, Cutting and Forming Metals as well as General Contracting. Their experience spans over a combined total of 87 years.

Cleaning Experience

Financial Experience

Our Advisory Committee has a combined total of over 73 years of experience in residential and commercial cleaning. You can be sure that our products and facility will be spic and span for your event and all décor rental needs!
Our Advisory Committee has a combined total of over 66 years in the finance industry spaning from personal banking, book keeping, corporate accounting and sales.